The Paslode Nail Gun – learn why it is the best

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Two years ago, my brother and I decided that we were going to undertake the project of building my new house. I had just bought a piece of land, and although my wife and I had a nice house, we decided that we wanted to build a house on some land so that we could have more space for our future children to play outdoors. While the idea of building a house may sound crazy to you, my brother and I both have strong backgrounds in construction (although we both have corporate jobs now, we spent the summers during our high school and college years working on construction jobs), so this was something we knew we could handle. Just for future reference, if you have no background in construction, I would not recommend taking on this type of project on your own.

Before we got started, I knew that I needed to get some new tools (because it had been awhile since I had taken on this scale of a project). Because it is used so often during this type of project, one of the most important tools for me to get was a new nail gun. I wanted to get something that wasn’t going to wear my arm out (since this was a very extensive project), so I took some time to read a lot of online reviews. I saw a lot of positive things about Paslode nail guns, so I decided to go to my local Home Depot and have a look at these nail guns. I found a Paslode nail gun that fit my hand well, so I decided to purchase it.

After using my Paslode nail gun for two years, I can safely say that it is the best nail gun that I have ever used, and it truly is a lifesaver when it comes to not wearing your arm out!

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Paslode Nail Gun Safety

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Paslode nail guns are great devices to have at home. With the use of such machines you will be able to much decrease the amount of time you need to complete woodworking tasks. You can easily make the changes you want in your back yard and you can save some money, too. Paslode nail guns are really affordable, but they also are durable meaning that you will be able to use them for years with no need to replace.

Paslode nail gun are very safe devices to use, so the chances you have in getting hurt are extremely low, but only if you install and use correctly each component of the device. When used correctly, Paslode nail guns offer safety guarantees, so you can complete your work with no worries.



Statistics show that about 37,000 people have to go to emergency rooms with injuries from nail guns every year. About 40 percent of those people are consumers. Along with the increased use of such devices at home, the number of people who got injured tripled. Most common types of injuries are the ones to the fingers, hands and feet. There are also injuries that involve internal organs.

Paslode nail gun safety

Paslode nail guns have safety catches, which keep people away from accidentally shooting nails through the air. Such safety measures reduce the risk of injuries, too. However, to be certain that the risk of accidents will be much reduced, you need to make sure that you are using your device correctly.


Here are some things you should keep in mind when using a Paslode nail gun.

  1. Place the battery into the charger. Charge it until the light indicates that the battery is fully charged.
  2. Side the battery into the battery compartment of your Paslode nail gun. 
  3. Attach the metering valve to the fuel cell. Make sure that the full cell’s expiration date has not passed.
  4. Put on your safety glasses.
  5. Release the trigger of the gun before removing it from the work piece.
  6. Keep your finger away from the trigger when you are not using the nail gun.
  7. Remove the battery when you finished work. 


Before starting to use your Paslode nail gun, make sure that you properly understood how the device works. The gun can be quite safe, but as long as you are careful enough. Also make sure that you are wearing the right equipment to protect your hands or feet. Glasses and gloves should definitely be worn when using a nail gun, to ensure your safety.

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Framing Nail Guns By Paslode

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If you are looking for the best framing nail guns on the market, look no further than the ones made by Paslode! Paslode is a leader on the market of nail guns and has collections of tools that can be used for different purposes, so that you can be sure to get exactly what you need from the nail gun. With the four types that are available from Paslode for framing, you can be sure of the fact that you will get your work done on time and in the most professional way possible!


CF325LI Li-ion Cordless Framing Nailer combines savings and performance in one tool. With the strong battery and the cordless appliance, you can work more and not have cords always get in the way! It offers faster charging time, new depth of drive, lightweight and the ability to kick thousands of nails in one battery charge.


PF350S PowerFramer Framing Nailer is the most powerful tool in the collection, but it is also light in weight. This means that you can use it easily, but you will have professional, strong and long lasting results for your work.


CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer is a previous version of the first framing nailer mentioned. It offers faster tool performance and the ability to work without being interrupted by the lack of battery or by cords getting in the way. 


F350 PowerMaster Plus 30 Framing Nailer is more durable and powerful, which makes it perfect for usage on construction sites. It can take on any tasks easily and the special linear part of the tool can help you with handling it and with nailing in all sorts of angles.


IMCT Cordless Framing Nailer is powered with fuel. Due to its smaller size, it is perfect for working with narrow spaces and materials. Even so, it is compact and powerful and it can be used on construction sites as well.


With these models of the framing nail guns by Paslode, you can make any job easier, faster and cheaper. Most of the tools created are either working on batteries or on fuel, as it is known that workers require the space to move with their tools and cords stand in the way of that. More to this, the ability to hit thousands of nails in one battery charge or in one fuel up is the advantage that everyone is looking for in the domain. Support for angles, easy to hold and light weight are the other characteristics which make the products created by Paslode be perfect!

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Cordless Nail Guns by Paslode

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Nail guns are typically used to drive nails into wood or other materials. They have become increasingly popular tools in the recent years, successfully replacing hammers and becoming an obvious choice among builders when it comes to driving nails. With the advance in technology, cordless nail guns were invented, eliminating the hustle of having to deal with wires and cords.

Instead of using an air compressor, cordless nail guns rely on fuel cells, which are powered by pressurized flammable gas, and on batteries. Therefore, cordless nail guns are much more convenient than the traditional ones and can easier be used even by the least knowledgeable builder. People interested in purchasing such products should opt for the cordless nail guns by Paslode, a renowned manufacturer of cordless and pneumatic nailers with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Here are the Paslode cordless nail guns that can currently be purchased:

1. Li-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer CF325Li uses Lithium Ion battery technology, making it extremely convenient for builders who need to use the nail gun for several hours. The technology used allows builders to drive 50% more nails per charge, since the battery can hold 5 times longer. The charge times is also faster. Its lightweight design and better balance make it very easy on the arms.


2. Cordless 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer is a powerful nail gun best suited for tight corners, since it has an angled magazine. As it fits in tight spots, it will save builders time and energy. It is lightweight, precise and compact, so it can be used even in the tightest places. Even though it is very powerful, its depth precision prevents wood areas from getting damaged.


3. Cordless 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer resembles the Angled Finish model, but it is not specially intended for tight spots. Besides this aspect, it also prevents wood damage, it is easy to work with and is very powerful.

4. Cordless 16 Gauge Stapler is a very versatile model, being able to drive 3/4″ – 2″ standard crown staples with ease. This nail gun is fuel powered, but it also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. It also has the quick-clear feature, providing easy nose access and reducing downtime.


5. Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer is perfect for decorative trim purposes, since it is able to provide tiny holes, as small as 3/32″ from the edge. The nail gun may leave very small holes, but it will definitely prevent the wood from splitting. It is a great addition for homeowners looking to make some home improvements.


6. CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer uses a combined fuel and nail package, which allows for toe-nailing at any angle. Its high performance and longer charge meet the needs of builders who no longer want to worry about running out of fuel. In this way, it will save users time and money.


7. IMCT Cordless Framing Nailer is perfectly suited to drive nails in areas that are typically hard to reach. It also works great in cramped spaces. This nail gun is intended for tough jobsite conditions. It is tough and powerful, driving up to 2″-3 1/4″ nails. The nail lockout feature prevents both wood damage and blank driving.


When it comes to cordless nail guns, Paslode has a wide array of models you can choose from. Opting for one or another depends on your purposes and long term plans. Regardless of the model that you choose, you will definitely be pleased by any Paslode nail gun.

Image source: Paslode

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Using The Paslode Nail Gun Is A Great Idea

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The Paslode nail gun is one of the most popular products of this type available in sale today. Paslode has actually become one of the most reputed manufacturers in the industry since the moment when its first product was out. These nail guns have numerous benefits to offer to all users, so purchasing them can only be a great idea. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should make up your mind on Paslode nail guns as the best products that can be found in sale. For starters, you should know that these nail guns are very affordable. They offer the best quality and the most convenient price and there is absolutely no way you will ever be disappointing with their performance. You will only need to buy the nails to be able to use this product.

Once you will buy a nail gun, you will be able to use it for years, these products being highly durable. This means that with a nail gun you will actually make a long term investment into a highly functional product. The rapid set up is another important advantage of this product’s usage. When having this kind of nail gun to use, you will never have to wait to be able to complete your work, as the gun will star running immediately. You will avoid wasting important minutes this way. Another amazing benefit that only Paslode nail guns suppose is that they are costless. This means that you will be able to use the devices all around the house, with anything you want.

The Paslode nail gun also is very simple to carry, use and store. Actually, space saving is another important advantage to enjoy when choosing to utilize such a product. With this great device you can work for hours, with less efforts. Still, the most important feature that people appreciate when using this nail gun is that it actually is free of wire. This means that you will never be limited when using the device and your work will never be dependent on electricity availability. Fast and very simple to use, this nail gun is the primary choice of hundreds of people. As it can be very safe to use, really affordable and at the same time technology advanced, there is no wonder that Paslode is considered to be the most trustworthy are reputed manufacturer in the industry.

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The Many Benefits of the Paslode Nail Gun

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The Paslode Nail Gun is a trademark name for a cordless nail gun. As the earliest leaders of cordless nailers, Paslode has a big reputation to maintain. Ever since the original Paslode nail guns have been launched, they have been known as the job site work horse. Known to keep running so long as you do. Chances are, if you have gad looked at cordless nailers before, you are already aware about the lots of benefits that these guns have to offer. The amazing array of nail guns that Paslode have to offer consists of the Paslode framing nailers and Paslode finishing nailers.

Unlike pneumatic guns that normally takes a very long time to get running, Paslode cordless nailers are developed for individuals who just want to make a start. Setting up your Paslode will take just minutes, be it right out of the package the very first day you get it or at the work site when you have had it for years. Unless you currently have a compressor and hoses, investing in a nailer could possibly be a lot more pricey than you believe. Unlike air operated nailers, Paslode nail guns do not need you to buy anything but nails to begin with.

Compared with various other nailers that operate with air hoses, Paslode nail guns do not have cords. It means you will be able to work everywhere with not need to pull air hoses round the job site or route them over other objects. This also means that you will have the power of a nail gun anywhere you want to, as an alternative to depending on hammers for limited spaces where hoses will not go. 

Rather than the need to store and move a compressor, power lead and heavy hoses, you can get yourself to utilize nothing more than the Paslode nail guns itself. Not only is this is a significant relief concerning space for storage, it is a load off your back. The tool features a belt hook feature that frees up both your hands when you are working. This would mean you will not ever need to lay your gun down and risk stumbling over it or drafting it from the rafters. All it requires to keep your Paslode nail gun in tip top shape is some essential maintenance. Spend ten minutes at the end of the day to keep it clean and oiled, and you should have no issue driving over a million nails.

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The Paslode Nail Gun is a Must Power Tool

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The Paslode Nail Gun is a cordless nail gun that do not need an air compressor. Instead the Paslode Nail Gun uses what its maker calls a fuel cell, which is a small metal can filled with pressurized flammable gas, similar to a butane cylinder used to fill a mini torch. The combustion chamber of the Paslode Nail Gun is in tow parts and is normally open to the atmosphere. When the contact tip is pushed onto a piece of work, the lower pastion chamber is pushed into the upper part, sealing it.

There are some advantages when using the cordless Paslode nail gun. The fast set up of the Paslode nail gun is one of the main features of the appliance. Unlike pneumatic guns that can take a long time to get running, the cordless Paslode nail gun is designed to people who want to just get to work. Setting up the Paslode nail gun takes just a few minutes, whether it is right out of the box the first day you get it or at the job site. Another great avantage of the Paslode nail gun is space saving. Rather than having to store and transport a compressor, power lead, and heavy houses, you can get to work with nothing more than the Paslode nail gun itself.

The fact that the Paslode nail gun is cordless, means you can work anywhere without having to drag air hoses around the job site or route them over other objects. It also means you have the power of a nail gun anywhere, instead of having to rely on hammers for tight spaces where hoses cannot reach. The Paslode nail gun comes with a belt hook feature that frees up your hands, when you are working. This means you never have to lay your gun down and risk tripping over it or dropping it from the rafters. The Paslode nail gun is easy to handle, has a long power up and is strong.

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The Paslode Nail Gun is a Great Tool

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If you are one of those people who is very handy with all kinds of tools and like to get things fixed around the house, then the Paslode nail gun is definitely something you must have. The Paslode nail gun is the perfect tool for light framing and remodelling projects and high volume commercial use. The Paslode nail gun is a handy, high performance that lets you avoid the hassle of compressor noise and hoses.

The Paslode nail gun is very easy to handle and hold and supplies the right amount of power for a number of uses. The Paslode nail gun has a well balanced design that combines with a soft trigger to reduce arm fatigue. Since you will not have to drag a hose with you as you work, you will be able to drive nails better and longer, without the stress on your hands, arms and wrists.

The Paslode nail gun works perfectly in tight, hard to reach areas and shoots up to 1200 nails on a single fuel cell and up to 4000 nails on a full battery cycle. Because the Paslode nail gun offers tool-free depth of drive adjustment, there are no wrenches required and you can get more things done in a shorter time span. Unlike other power tools, the Paslode nail gun is powered by an internal combustion linear motor. What it really means, it that the Paslode nail gun owes its robust performance to its motor, which is similar to an automobile’s motor. Moreover, the tool ignites a fuel and air mixture to produce the energy needed to drive the motor, and ultimately the fastener.

What makes the Paslode nail gun so revolutionary? The unique feature of the Paslode nail gun is that is uses a double system of charging the batteries. The nail gun has both a fuel cell and a rechargeable battery. This means that Paslode nail gun has better consistence and is more reliable, whether you are repairing the roof or building a gazebo. The fact that the Paslode nail gun has its own fuel supply and battery, it enables the user to take the tool from site to site.

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Paslode Nail Gun – A Great Asset

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Regardless if you are a professional builder or just a DIY enthusiast who wants to make some home improvements, the Paslode nail gun is a great asset for you. This is because the Paslode nail gun is very efficient, but also very easy to use. Most Paslode nail gun models are cordless, which means that you do not have to depend on power supplies when using them. They work on gas fuel cells which powers them, so the numerous Paslode nail gun models are great to have around the house. You just need to plug the fuel cell into the Paslode nail gun and there you go!

Besides the fact that it is very easy to use, the Paslode nail gun is helpful for a wide array of purposes. This power tool will allow you to fix a wide array of building materials to various frameworks and substrates. Whether you want to fix plasterboard, skirting boards, architrave, beads, plywood, fire protection materials, sheds, flashings, fence panels, or bracketry, the Paslode nail gun is there to help you. No matter what you need a Paslode nail gun for, you should know that there are many types of such nail guns you could purchase. There is the air nailer, framing nailer, roofing nailer, finish nailer, metal connector nailer, and stapler, which all serve different purposes. This is why, when shopping for a Paslode nail gun, you should browse through the extensive selection of devices carefully.

The Internet is definitely the best place to do that, since it offers a wide array of Paslode nail gun reviews. Moreover, there are many specialty online stores that sell Paslode nail gun, so purchasing one will be a piece of cake. You just need to do a little research, find a reputable vendor, and then place your order. Your Paslode nail gun will arrive in no time! No matter what Paslode nail gun model you decide to purchase, you can rest assured that it will not disappoint you. It will help you get the job done in no time. Clearly, a Paslode nail gun is a great asset to have around every home.

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Things to Know About Paslode Nail Gun

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Whether you are making large home improvements or just want to change a few things around the house, then you definitely need the right tools to achieve this. The Paslode Nail Gun is one of those tools. When you own a Paslode nail gun, you will see how easy home improvements are made. Moreover, you will not need to hire more people to do your work.The Paslode nail gun is a type of tool that is used to drive nails into wood or other types of material. The Paslode nail gun is usually driven by electromagnetism, compressed air, highly flammable gases, such as butane or propane.

In many ways, the Paslode nail gun has replaced many of the old fashioned tools, such as hammers. Although you might think that this tool is used only by professionals, it is actually very simple to work with. With less effort and with the aid of the Paslode nail gun, you will make home improvements or rearranging whenever you want. The Paslode nail gun can be purchased from hardware stores, or from online shops. On the websites, you can choose from the many models of Paslode nail gun. You can even opt for the cordless model, that will give you extra mobility around the house.

The Paslode nail gun is great for any surface, and it can insert nails into the position of your choice. Paslode nail gun is great, especially for framework. We all know how difficult framework is done around the house. Now, you will not have to worry about inserting the wrong nail in the wrong place. When you need to manipulate corners and make sure that everything is leveled up, the Paslode nail gun is the only one who can help you. The Paslode nail gun is great even for attaching items onto the ceiling. The Paslode nail gun will save you time and money, leaving you to enjoy the results of your work. Whenever you need it, just take out the Paslode nail gun and use it wisely.

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Paslode Nail Gun Qualities

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Paslode nail gun is a useful and perfect gift for a man that likes very much to change from time to time to time the house he lives in. This tool is from a trusted brand. The tool has all the necessary qualities to make a lot of changes such as roofing or framing things. Having so many great qualities, I thought to buy a Paslode nail gun for my husband, who is very passionate about changing things in terms of decorations, walls in our home. He has many ideas and he wants o put them all in practice. Then I said to myself that I have to give him something that will help him more and do its job much easier.

My husband a tool that did the same things, but he was always complaining that the results were not that good, so I thought that a Paslode nail gun is what he really wants. A Paslode nail gun has many nails that would fit for anything you need to do, is resistant and there are also many types, so the variety is impressive, offering the possibility to buy what you really need. I read some reviews on the Internet about Paslode nail gun and after seeing  how appreciated it is, I bought a Paslode nail gun for my husband.

I was amazed also about its convenient price as it is a tool that will last a long time, so it is a good investment. Your home projects will be accomplished easier and you will know that with Paslode nail gun they will surely last. Paslode nail gun is so popular due to its great power and quality and these amazing features made people trust it. It is easy to handle and to use it, so the risks of accidents is very decreased. It involves a better accuracy for all your projects and you will also save money as you will not need a specialist to do that. You pay only for the Paslode nail gun that will last a very long time, so keeping your money in the pocket is possible with Paslode nail gun. I got one and my husband was very happy and amazed by what this tool can do.

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