Paslode Nail Gun Problems

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Paslode nail guns have made name for themselves by offering a reasonably priced product and also by engineering new and effective ways to use a nail gun. Their cordless nail guns are some of the most popular on the current market with models available for just about any need you could think of. However, as with all things that are mass produced, there are bound to be hang-ups in quality control. These issues have turned many people off from buying nail guns that are branded with the Paslode name.

Many of the problems that are seen in Paslode nail guns come from their cordless models. This isn’t to say that there won’t be problems with the corded models of nail guns that are produced under the Paslode name, just that they are less likely to fail. One of the biggest issues that people tend to run into when it comes to Paslode nail guns is the improper fit and connection of the battery. Even with minor adjustments, it can still malfunction and not properly connect.

The other big issue is the pressure safety which can sometimes fail to engage the trigger, making it impossible to fire a nail. This can generally be remedied by simply realigning the nail gun and firing again. Unfortunately, this is a problem that plagues both corded and cordless models. With these issues so prevalent in the Paslode nail guns, it makes more sense to simply buy from a more reputable company until they remedy the situation.

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